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Our Storytelling Process

Step 1

Story Finding

The stories your customers want to watch go beyond your products and services. We take the time to learn about your brand, your customers, and uncover the narrative threads we can’t help but follow.

While we’re getting to know each other, we make sure we’re uncovering your hopes and dreams for this content, and set goals that can be measured and work for the growth of your brand.  

Step 2

Concept Development

Our storyfinding process works best when it’s collaborative and unfiltered. Once we’ve uncovered the anecdotes unique to your brand, we zoom out to make sure we answer the most important questions: Is this binge-worthy entertainment? Is it valuable and uniquely ownable to your brand?

Working lock-step with your team, we determine the scope, style, format, look, and feel for your show. This final step of pre-production gives our team all the info we need to start filming and weaving your story.

Step 3


Decades of hard-won industry experience are at your disposal to elevate your stories with cinema level production. We sweat the details – managing timelines, budgets, talent, crew, locations, gear, coffee runs, lunch orders... you get the point.

Our niche, nimble, and yet scalable Production teams allow us to quickly turn concepts into entertaining content.

Step 4


After all the cameras are carefully packed away, our Post team gets to work tediously crafting trailers, teaser content, and episodes that stay true to our show concept and creative direction. We bake in times to review with your team during this process to make sure you’re loving the way everything is coming together.

Step 5

Series Launch

Perhaps the most important aspect to effectively telling your brand story is ensuring that the right people see it. We work with your team to adopt a content marketing model that sets you up for success, and arms you with the resources you need to meet your goals.

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